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January 26, 2009

financial successl

I think how successful a person is, really depends on the level of sucess that individual believes they can reasonably achieve. I must have some wierd flaw, because I don't remember a time when I didn't think I was headed for... well the top of the world. I've been told it's a mindset that many have to spend much time, effort, and counseling to attain. It is a characteristic that I have been blessed with.

I definately believe it was a blessing. There have been some discouraging situations in my financial past, but I've never been personally discouraged. I have been at the bottom of the barrel surrounded by people who were content with their dismal situation (or worse those who complained but were unwilling to take any positive action), and yet still looked forward to the day of my financial freedom.

I have never expected that financial gain would be handed to me, or that because of my race, gender, social status, etc. that I deserved anything in particular. However, I absolutely believe that if I do all I can to prepare, to work hard, have faith in my God, and to open my eyes to all possibilities-that many opportunities will present themselves.

I don't believe there is anything wrong, against scripture or "God's Plan" for a person to be financially successful. I have to say there wasn't a single individual in the lobby of Health and Welfare that could help another person with a job, or sustaining funds. It takes a certain measure of financial ability to make a difference in someone else's financial future. It is WHAT we do with our financial success and of course HOW we obtain it- are we honest? Do we seek to build up others? Do we increase other's wealth also?

Have I reached my financial freedom level? Nope, not even close, but I know it's coming- I feel it on the horizon. Have I reached a level to improve someone else's financial picture? In a very small way yes, Busiants creates opportunities for work, and we pay our invoices on time :-) I definately look forward to bigger and better ways to improve financial lives, as Busiants grows- the possibilities are awe inspiring!

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