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January 9, 2009

Busiants Business Article

Two women entrepreneurs, two computers, numberless business skills, anda scheduletoting ant; these are the components of one of Boise’s up and coming new businesses-Busiants.
Busiants was started by Ramona Tullis, a single mom of seven, and her partner Robin Glauser, stay-at-home mom of two, in the beginnings of 2008. Tullis had just undergone lower back surgery the end of 2007 and was looking for something to financially provide for, and yet stay home with, her family. She was familiar with the entrepreneur mindset, having 4 small service-oriented businesses previous to her back injury and was, she says, inspired to start Busiants. Glauser had been an administrative services representative for numerous companies and became attracted to the concept of virtual assistants and that she too could remain home with her children.
What does Busiants do? According to their literature, everything and anything a business owner is required to do in the course of running their business. They say they are business assistants with the goal of helping other businesses succeed by doing the “busy” work for the owners, leaving those owners free to increase their success. Tullis smiles and laughs as she says, “Every business owner needs an assistant, there’s always something that needs to be done- we help them get it done.” The Busiants’ website http://www.busiants.com/ has a services page that lists administrative, bookkeeping, marketing among others including the surprising- landscaping service. “Landscaping is just another one of those things a business owner has to deal with,” Tullis says, “they walk by that weed and think-‘great I really should call someone to take care of that’. It’s such a daunting task to call around, have someone come in to do estimates...blah blah. What they really want is just to have it taken care of”
Glauser adds, “Our goal is to help people, take some stress off business owners and let them get back to the part of their business that gives them joy.”On the Busiants website home we find this quote: “According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the average small business owner spends up to 40% of his or her time on routine administrative tasks. This may even be on the conservative side as some business owners who have made an effort to track their time for a week or two have been shocked to discover they were actually frittering away 60% of their time on unproductive, time and energy-draining ‘busy’ work.” The result is a loss of revenue because the time the owner spends running the business takes away from the time better spent developing and growing their business.This is the admonition of Busiants owners “Don’t get bogged down with the busy work, let us do it for you, let us help you grow your business”.
Today’s business owners have an increased challenge to keep their costs low and maximize profits. Outsourcing to a company such as Busiants could allow businesses the opportunity to contract with a company providing services that were typically performed by in-house employees. Eliminating the need to hire employees affords businesses the opportunity to forego or completely eliminate significant employee related costs. By utilizing a company like Busiants the business owner reduces the need for office space, equipment and training costs, and government employee costs, thus resulting in an increase in revenue.
We all have the vision of the unproductive employee; feet up, surfing the web, talking to some relative on the phone, all on the company’s space, computer, and more importantly, dime. Busiants would like to offer another vision…A professional, compliant partner who takes over the dreary, mundane tasks with a smile, who is available anytime and works only when you need it, who is solely interested in helping you enjoy and grow your business. Tullis adds, “It’s very Important to us to be a positive influence to our clients, it’s like a little support group, people strive more if they have the encouragement to do so.”
Current trends in business indicate that business owners are trying to increase their revenues by directing their needs towards temporary agencies and smaller service providers.
SBA Studies have shown that the business services industry has been the fastest growing industry in the last ten years, and that now, more than ever, small at-home business are being created in massive numbers. They also show the current and future trends of business owners to look to service providers, as opposed to employees, to further their business needs. Virtual assistants like Busiants will be the “employee” of the future. Will this present an increase in job loss? Glauser answers, “Not really. Most of our clients wouldn’t have hired those employees to begin with. What we’re doing helps the business owner to succeed, creating more entrepreneurs and wealth in the main stream, giving more opportunities to the community for commerce and jobs.”
What is the advantage of a company like Busiants? “Our advantage is our ability to offer the solution to two of society’s biggest dilemmas”, replies Tullis ”Allowing business owners to succeed and grow in revenues without hiring employees to do the increasing work , while eliminating the liability of employees that cost the small business owner more than they are making in revenues” she continues,” and increasing the successfulness of women, without taking away the responsibility for nurturing and guiding our society of tomorrow, knowing that it is our economic necessity that has caused them to join the workforce.”
A community benefits from the success of its local businesses. With ecommerce, and the internet, traffic and contacts can be generated anywhere, but it is the local community that reaps the rewards of the increased revenues through local purchasing, contributions, and additional employment opportunities. Busiants maintains their desire to help those local businesses succeed. How will Busiants enhance the community with their own business achievement? We find the Busiant mission statement on their literature “With our services we will better the lives of business owners. With our company we will better the lives of working women.”
Glauser sits forward, “We help stay-at-home moms stay at home. Busiants workforce is mostly made up of those talented, professional women who prefer to work from home. We help them to increase financially, while raising healthy, contributing members of tomorrow’s society. According to federal census numbers about 70 percent of American women with children under 18 work outside the home. Companies like Busiants offer increased opportunities to those working women, providing as Glauser states, ”mother-friendly environments”.
Busiants owners are women- they talk of women’s charity contributions, women’s support, and helping the stay -at -home mom. Is this a prejudicial business? Tullis answers, “We provide assistance to all business owners, not just women. We truly appreciate and respect all deserving entrepreneurs, not just women. We have the utmost respect for those women who struggle to raise their children and provide financially for their families, we just want to help make their lives better.”
When asked about the future plans, Tullis smiles, “My focus is on raising my children and growing Busiants to be a successful presence here in Boise.”Glauser agrees.
What guarantee is there that Busiants or any other virtual assistant service will do the work? Then again, what guarantee is there that your employee will do the work- it will just cost more to fire them. Busiants provide their clients with contracts for confidentiality and service guarantees. So when you open your office door, or encounter the red and black clad Busiants consultants, or even see a little ant on the sidewalk, Busiants business assistants invite you to think of them, visit their website http://www.busiants.com/, and let them help you become more successful.

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